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Classic Car Museum Tour

Classic Car Museum Tour - Riga, Latvia

Duration: 90 to 120 minutes
Location: Riga, Latvia

From USD

Classic Car Museum is a new antique car museum. Our Expo presents the visitor with a broad spectrum of rare cars and motorcycles of yesteryear –vintage, antique and classic ... More info ›

Classic Car Museum is a new antique car museum. Our Expo presents the visitor with a broad spectrum of rare cars and motorcycles of yesteryear –vintage, antique and classic. There you will be able to become acquainted with the processes of restoration, as well as learn the history of motor vehicles in Latvia. We will introduce you to each of our models on display – their history, technical characteristics, process of restoration, and requirements for usage. This equipment of the by-gone era, if it is to provide enjoyment for generations to come, requires a delicate treatment.

Visit: Classic Car Museum

The foundation for this museum was laid in late 1960s when Oļģerts Orleāns, then in his prime, completed the restoration of his first antique car, a 1922 Renault. It was the same one which years later “starred” in the movie, “A Slave of Love” by the famous Russian Film Director Nikita Mikhalkov in which the restorer himself had an acting role.
When the Latvian Vintage Car Club (Latv.: Antīko automobīļu klubs) AAK was established in 1972, Oļģerts Orleāns was among the original founders of this organization.

Over the years the number of cars kept growing - they were bought, swapped and sold. Oļģert’s son, Normund, is following in his father’s foot-steps gaining a restorer’s knowledge, skills, and experience. Eventually, vintage cars take center stage in the life of the entire Orleans’ family, and during the course of the past 20 years, they formed the impetus for the emergence of the current image of the “Vintage Car Museum” which was officially established in December, 2010.

The purpose of our museum is not just to keep dust off of the exhibits, but to also familiarize and expose our visitors to routine restoration activities, research and study. The importance of mentoring is emphasized to visitors as we tell of the socio-cultural heritage of engineering and its significance today. Many things and relationships which are so understood currently have evolved over time. Seeing the technical development of more than 100 years, we become aware of details which we would never think of, but now peak our interest. One such example is the history of the development of the blinking directional signal!

The materials we have gathered over the years, as well as our experience, have allowed us to grow. The discovery of new historical perspectives, facts and objects of that era have created an aura of enchantment which demands more light and space. Soon, restored bicycles of the Ulmanis’ period, unique household items like generators or water pumps, manufactured by leading car manufacturers will see the light of day. Our collection of books and rare materials also provide a great opportunity for scientific scrutiny of the past century. The museum is currently being under the reconstruction, but we are looking forward to seeing our guests again, when it is completed.

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Independent peat art workshop & gallery

Independent peat art workshop & gallery - Riga, Latvia

Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Riga, Latvia

From USD

Unique place of Latvian independent contemporary art and culture. For the first time in history peat as an innovative material is used in art and design ... More info ›

Unique place of Latvian independent contemporary art and culture. For the first time in history peat as an innovative material is used in art and design. Under the guided tour, it is possible to gain extensive information about the peat innovations in art and design from ancient times till nowadays. The tour will start from the peat art gallery to take a closer look of experimental peat works and will end with visiting the peat workshop. The peat workshop and art gallery is located in creative space of Riga Port.

Only of the last decade the identification of the peat resources for alternative usage has contributed to the development. The development and the result of experimental works is located in Andrejostas 4a, Riga, Latvia. As well as the opportunity to observe the artist's daily work on-site. The tour will start with the peat art gallery visit which will expose peat artworks like sculptures installations and art objects. Exhibition hall is also an active space for owner where it's even possible to feel it. In the conclusion it is possible to visit the workshop area to see how the peat experimental works are made.

What we know about peat? In last 10 000 years after ice age flooded areas have changed to bogs. Thousands of years all nature goes rotten in to the ancient wilderness areas. Filled up with the old trees and thousands of plants it was pressed by nature all the time. In medieval times people found peat like build material. In to the end of 19th century peat extraction start to industrialized for energy, farming, logistics and construction. Today peat industry basically is focused on energy and soil improvement products. As artist Edgars Ameriks found the peat as material wich we can choose like new innovative material for design and art. With long experience and research in peat processing it can be use with individual techniques to create peat artworks. The workshop and peat art gallery is founded in 2012 to improve our knowledge and responsibility about peat resurses. Each artwork is an artefact about opportunities for our future.

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